Sunday Scaries Be Gone

Picture this: It’s Sunday, 6pm, you’re sitting on your couch or out to eat with friends getting in the last few hours of pure weekend bliss and then… IT HITS YOU. The SUNDAY SCARIES! 

For too, too many of us, this is a reality that hits home way too often. In case you’re not already familiar with the term, Sunday Scaries come about when you’re minding your own dang beeswax and the anxiety of knowing the next day is a work day/Monday creeps in. “What do I have to do at work this week? How many emails will I have when I go in? Did I meal prep? What is meal prepping? How do I become someone who meal preps? Where do babies come from?” Yeah THAT kind of anxiety. So, how do we overcome it? How do we become the zen masters of sunday scary’s nightmare via our home design and style? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are my no-fool tricks into making the most of your Sunday in your home and preparing for an amazing week ahead, sans the monsters.

First and foremost, your place has to be clean. Listen, I know for some of you cleaning is the bane of your existence but haven’t we all heard some version of the saying “clean space, clear mind”? As much as it pains me to tell you this, it works guys. If I go into my week with an apartment I haven’t made smell like a field of daisies and a bed so well-made even the Army would be jealous, then I always feel a little…off. It’s something that looms over your head, begging the question when will you clean? and why can’t you clean when you had planned? do you have more events after work? when will I ever have free time!?!? So, instead of letting something so tiny and insignificant spiral into a giant worry monster, take care of it on Sunday (or Saturday) while you still have the time and can look forward to a beautiful week ahead.

Secondly, think about what you see when you wake up first. Where does your eye go? What are you drawn to?  I firmly believe that the first image you see can set the pace for the rest of your day, and even your week! The way my apartment is set up, my bed overlooks my living room and my windows.  So if I wake up, and see a messy couch, stuff on the windowsill, and an unkempt coffee table, I already go into my week with dread. It’s like a visual reminder that you or your life isn’t together, and that’s not what you need because dammit you are a strong, independent man or woman and you can DO this! So make sure that the first thing you see is always going to inspire and lift you, not worry and depress you with more responsibilities of things undone, you know? And along those lines, if you continually wake up everyday and notice your view isn’t inspiring you, think about changing the layout or dynamics of your apartment. I prefer to have my windows in my line of view when I wake up because it’s a bright (literally) reminder of the possibilities that each day holds and I most definitely would not have the same Joie de vivre if I woke up looking at a bland wall every day.

Finally, what’s the most fool proof way to empower and lighten your soul? Laughter and positivity, duh! Now that you’ve tidied up your space, effectively wiping the slate clean for the week ahead and now that you’ve organized your line of view when you wake, it’s time to add in the final piece that will cement your beautiful week ahead. Put something in your line of view that is both aesthetically pleasing and motivating. Now that Cinema boxes and letter boards are huge again, why not use these to your advantage every week? I place mine all over my apartment, but most of the time, it’s on my mantle or right on my window sill, speaking to me. My favorite thing to do is to put something funny on there so when I wake up, no matter what is thrown your way this week, you still have that first laugh in the morning to fall back on. For example, this Leslie Knope quote from Letterfolk both motivates and gives me a chuckle, because well duh, it’s Parks and Rec how can you not laugh? And their equally as hilarious yet powerful Santa Claus quote gives me life. Or you can go with a classic burn, a la this “go sit on a cactus” style I found via pinterest that’s guaranteed to get a laugh, especially on those long days when you know you just might want to tell someone that but can’t.



So there you have it, my 3 easy yet fool-proof ways to styling your space to work for YOU so that your days, weeks, and months ahead are as incredible as you are. Stay strong, and if you need a helping hand to fight those scaries off with, you know who to call .

ps. special shout out to my friend Chiara who inspired this post last weekend when we were talking about this very (scary) subject!


Until next time my monster-banishing babes,

XO, Samantha

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