All The Fall Things

Hello. I’d like to start off this post with a short clip of me from earlier this week – midnight, September 22nd, the first day of fall.

Are we all caught up on how I feel about this seasonal transition? Great. Let’s get started.


It’s the best time of the year FINALLY and I have been dying to write this post. Some kids wait all year for Christmas but no, not me. I wait all year for Fall. I eat, breathe, sleep Fall and talk about how much I love it as often as people will let me. I love Fall more than cross-fitters love to talk about cross fit. YEAH, THAT MUCH OK.

Anywho, one of my biggest pet peeves is seeing all something amazing at the END of a season and having to wait a whole year after purchasing it to finally use it, so I refuse to let any of my babes be in that predicament. I’m here to give you the must-have essentials as the season begins so that you can FULLY enjoy your cozy home all season long!

So what are the essentials you ask? Pumpkins and orange/red oriented decor right? WRONG. It’s so much more than that! I will admit, my Autumn decor is heavily pumpkin based (bury me in pumpkins at my funeral please and thanks), but Autumn decor can be so much more vivid and varied than you think! To me, Fall marks the beginning of cozy weather, couch snuggling, and all the pumpkin spice things to eat and drink while having movie nights in with your best babes. Fall decor in a nutshell should feel like that moment you curl in bed on a cold day, when you get under the covers just right and that warmth takes over you head to toe, but expressed in design form, you feel?

So, let’s get started on making your home feel just as cozy and chic! First things first, for those of you who do like to have pumpkin-centered Autumn goodness, there are so many fun, diverse options out there for us now! I want to start off by saying that just like anything in life, the real thing is always best! Honestly it’s harder to find me in a happier state of mind than when I’m at a pumpkin patch or store picking out real, live pumpkins. There’s something so delicate and stunning in their variety and little imperfections and shapes that you simply can’t recreate with faux-pumpkins. So, if you’re going to start somewhere and you’re on a tight budget, go for the real-life versions that you can get in a multitude of sizes, shapes, and colors on a budget! My favorites in particular are the more greenish-blue oriented pumpkins or the mixes of pumpkins with both green and almost a peachy-orange tone. UGH, I could cry just thinking about them right now TBH. BUT, for those of you who feel like they’d prefer to have a ceramic or faux-pumpkin to last for many future seasons, I have wallet-friendly options that will sweep you off your feet! When I was perusing through Target’s dollar section the other day, I came across the most unique and gorgeous little mini pumpkins with stars on them at a price I couldn’t pass up! They also had a variety of other designs with polka dots to stripes but the stars were something I hadn’t seen before and I knew I had to snag them! While they’re not online, similar versions can be found here for you to take a peek at before you buy in store. Pro-tip, if you can’t find these specific ones at your local target, find any faux-mini pumpkins and either hand glitter-paint or use any stencil to make your favorite design and give the same effect! For those of you looking for a more chic effect, check out this uber affordable and stunning piece from TJ Maxx! This would go perfect on any mantle or bar cart and add that touch of metallic your Fall home is craving! Speaking of metallic, those of you who follow me on insta will know I found this incredible piece that adds that edgy feel without being too overpowering. It’s a statement piece that will have all of your guests talking! Finally, for those of you who prefer a more understated look, check out this basket or this shelf-tastic piece that tie in your Fall colors without being too overpowering. Bonus: it looks like you hand picked all of the floral and plant accents yourself while in reality it was already put together for you and your guests will be none the wiser!

Next up, what makes a Fall home feel cozier than memories of pumpkin patches and apple cider? NOTHING. So tie in those memories with these rustic signs that can be placed on any mantle to give that final touch of Autumn. If you’re looking for an affordable option, this TJ Maxx piece is simple and sweet! Or, if you’re willing to invest a little more, take this stunning piece that’ll never go out of style from Etsy!

Finally, if all of these items are a bit too much for your, keep it simple stupid! Choose a few practical, yet Fall color-schemed oriented pieces that you’ll have no regrets about! Like this uber soft and stunning burnt orange throw that’ll give you all the feels! Or this golden antler that ties in Fall’s golden glow in a simple, sophisticated way and adds the perfect touch to any coffee table or mantle! And when all else fails, go to the tried and true classic, candles. With their huge range of sizes, colors, and scents, they’re the easiest and most affordable way to add dimension to your shelves and mantles without breaking the budget!

That’s all for now beauts, now go get shopping before all these goodies run out!

Ps. for those of you who want to add an even cuter, fun touch sans-pumpkins, take this adorable Sugar Skull piece from Target! Believe me it’ll keep you smiling all season long!

XO, Samantha

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