It’s Not Over Until The Fat Pumpkin Sings

Dearest Followers,

We are gathered here today to celebrate the life and (almost) ending of our beloved basic b favorite – the glorious season that is FALL. Is it dramatic to say that a little part of my heart changes colors then falls off my “tree” and dies each year when Autumn ends? FINE THEN I’M DRAMATIC.  Let me be clear though, it’s not over until the fat pumpkin sings (Aka starts going bad…) and Thanksgiving has passed. You hear me people who insist on playing Holiday music before Thanksgiving? I’m talking to you! 

So, in order to soak up the last couple of weeks of my favorite season, I finally got my newest baby all set up. What baby is this you ask? THIS. This glorious new bar cart I snagged a couple of months ago. Let me tell you, it was not easy so if you love this bad boy as much as I do, get it while you can! Especially with holiday shopping sales coming up, this beaut will be out of stock in a hurry! Personally, even when it’s not on sale I think this bar cart is uber affordable for its size and quality in comparison to similar others! I was torn between this cart and a rectangular shape (see one of the Target ones I was considering here), and finally decided on my circular stunner after I stalked it for days online on sale and saw it was (unsurprisingly) sold out. Obviously that only made me want it more so I watched the website hourly just to try and snag one as soon as it was back in stock and voila! Here we are today!

How does one decorate a bar cart though? There’s a wide variety of options you can go with that don’t necessarily have to incorporate alcohol or drinks for that matter! I personally decided to go with some classic Rosé a) because they were on sale and stunning in Target when I was there looking for something else, (isn’t that how it always goes there?), and b) because they bring such great height and color to my cart I felt they worked perfectly for the setting and season! You see, the key with styling your bar cart is making sure you have cohesive, stand out pieces without over-decorating. This bar cart is so unique and stunning on its own, you don’t want to put so much on there that you miss all of its glory!


In order to keep it simple and chic I added a couple of stackable pumpkins from Trader Joes and from my local pumpkin King – Ricardo at Old Town Gardens, to give it the true Fall vibe along with this adorable and season appropriate book “A Year of Cozy” which you can snag at Target like I did here or through Amazon (for my Prime lovers out there). Not only is it a gorgeous cover with understated elegance, but it has so many wonderful recipes and ideas for those days when you don’t want to make any decisions and want someone else to do all the hard work in picking out great things for you! Seeing as how I had Rosé on here, I also had to add these gorgeous gold-dipped wine glasses I received as a gift from my sister-in-law that are the perfect addition to any bar cart in my humble opinion. Since they were a gift, I don’t have the exact store for you but this affordable and just as fun option will still be perfect for you, and under budget!

After I had set up my top tier of my cart, I moved on to the bottom which was trickier than I expected. I settled on adding my favorite go-to item, candles duh, to amp up the cozy, especially when they’re all lit, and to provide some height. Since I went with a clean white in a variety of sizes from Pier1, I knew I had to balance not only the color, but the pumpkin ratio above to the tier below. I was careful not to put my favorite ceramic pumpkin I got in the dollar section at Target right below my other pumpkins because then that side of the cart would seem too pumpkin heavy. Remember, balance is key so if you’re putting two similar types of items on different levels, be sure to stagger them so it doesn’t look theme heavy! I also added some of my favorite and most colorful books below the pumpkin to give some added dimension and pop of color. When in doubt, stack some of your favorite books and voila, style! (FYI – sadly this ceramic pumpkin is no longer online with Target but you can check your local store to see if there are any left just in time for Thanksgiving! Or you can go with this option from World market that comes in both a gorgeous white or festive orange (AND they’re on sale, yay!)


Finally we come to my favorite addition inspired by my bar cart, this print from my favorite artist that I’ve been buying pieces from for years, The Aestate! I personally own the Lara and now the Stella (seen here above my cart), both of which come from her affordable Lip Series! I honestly can’t say enough amazing things about these designs and the owner Jessica who has always been so easily available and helpful when I’ve reached out. Trust me, you need her pieces in your life! To keep the focus on the print itself, I went with a thin gold frame from Amazon (see here) which worked perfectly.

There you have it! My newest and favorite edition to my place just in time for my favorite season. For those of you who want a similar bar cart and want a brighter gold, or like me, want this cart when it’s sold out, here’s a great option with a slightly different finish and for those of you with a bigger budget!

Ps. would it be fall if I didn’t have my favorite sign up on my mantle with the cutest little star pumpkins from my last post? Shoutout to the Lovely Grain Studio for my fall stunner that never gets old!


Until next time my beautiful blog babes,

XO, Samantha

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