Dec(orate) the Halls

Ho ho Holidays are here y’all and I’ve finally gotten around to getting all of my fun decor up just in time (no time like the present when Christmas is only a week away right?) Needless to say I’m a little late to the game this year but don’t worry, for all my fellow holiday procrastinators out there, there’s still time to pick up these items and still wow your guests and family when they come over to celebrate with you!

Ok. So I know you’re sitting at home going OMG EVER ELLIOTT HAS A NEW POST!?!? Listen, I get it, you’re ecstatic. Then you come here and you’re like um haven’t I already seen your bar cart? YES. You have. But hear me out, I’m still slightly obsessed with it and it just fit so well into my holiday decor I couldn’t not post about it, you know? When you live in an apartment in the city you make certain spaces pop more than others and I promise you will be getting SO much more so soon while I put finishing touches on other areas of my place, so in the meantime I wanted to give the people what they want, ok?! Stick around, it’s worth it!

So, shall we begin my little holiday elves? Let’s start off with my mantle that I literally just found the most simple, gorgeous pieces for a few days ago.  I know that this style will not be everyone’s cup of eggnog in comparison to my more versatile bar cart style BUT, for my minimalist divas out there, this one’s for you. Starting off with the centerpiece itself, this unique wreath from none other than Target! At only $25, it’s a piece that will last you years to come at an incredible price! Since I had focused more on the “green theme” of holidays rather than my usual red, I wanted to keep my mantle more green and neutral rather than try to tie red in here and make my decor feel overdone. I kept it simple by adding in what might be my favorite new scent ever created by the only and only Joanna (and Chip) Gaines! These candles (that I got in various sizes) not only smell like heaven, but the marble-esque grey that runs throughout them bring a bit of class to any area you place them in and tied in perfectly to my more neutral wreath. Finally to add my touch of fun, I added this adorable metallic pom pom garland I found hidden on the back of a shelf at Target as well. I know for some of you, you would’ve stopped at the candles and the wreath because, duh, they match and look stunning all on their own. For my non-adventurous folks out there, you can TOTALLY do this! There is no harm in keeping it classy, but I wanted to take a little bit of a risk and tie in something kind of funky to add that extra oomph. Not only does the garland add shape and texture but it also helps to bring the focus to the center in an adorable way! Normally I’d go for an evergreen garland across my mantle but with my limited space, garland plus an evergreen wreath would look too cluttered, so I went with this simplistic pom pom garland to compliment!img_4350

Moving on to my equally as loved second child, my bar cart, I wanted to keep it relatively clean and holiday-ish while still complementing the gorgeous print from the Aestate I have. While red and pink are stunning together, I wanted a holiday vibe not a Valentine’s Day one, you feel? I added this gorgeous Santa’s Mailbox from the Gaines’ Target collection as the perfect centerpiece and compliment to the rich pink hues! Then I played off of the gorgeous lips with a new pair of rosé bottles that suited the design better. I then recycled my gorgeous, gifted wine glasses and put them to use in a different way, holding my favorite mini-ornaments from last year to add more color and fun! I then added my favorite paperweight/decor versatile item, “hello“, from West Elm just in case Santa had any trouble finding me!


For my second tier of my bar cart, I wanted to play with textures and non-traditional items, i.e. this perfect pillow from (you guessed it) the Hearth & Hand collection! Not only does the subtle gold lining pair wonderfully with my bar cart, but it adds space to an area without being overwhelming! Who says you can’t put pillows on bar carts? ummm NOT ME! I paired that with some sleigh bells I had gotten last year to truly ring in the holiday spirit (get it???). And to add even more festive feel, I place this gorgeous candle house, as I will now only refer to it as, with my new favorite holiday candle from Hearth & Hand, in the scent “Sugared Birch“. For all my Christmas beauts, this smells like all the best parts of the Holiday wrapped up a little bundle of joy. Plus it added height and tied in perfectly with the neutral theme! Finally, to really bring out the holiday joy, I added these pliable garland pieces all around the front of my cart as finishing pieces and I could not be more in love at such an incredible price! img_4394

So there you have it! my little pop of Holiday joy… and for my Christmas tree lovers out there, here’s me sending you a little piece of love and peace and joy from my corner of the world to yours! (Featuring this ribbon and matching-ish ornaments from Hearth & Hand as well!)


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