On the Road Again

Hey beauties! Been a while right? Well I’m here to cure your rainy Sunday blues (at least that’s what it’s like here in Chicago!) How? By giving you the scoop on some of the best hidden gems across the country again!

I was back in Colorado with some of my best babettes (shoutout to Alex and Carly!) for an adventure filled road trip from Crested Butte to Estes Park to Fort Collins. It was amazing to say the least, but what was even better was these two hidden gems I found in Crested Butte and Fort Collins! Let’s begin, shall we?

Picture this: three Chicago girls, cruising through this charming little ski town in an off season, when they come across THE GYPSY WAGON (caps for added effect, pretend there’s a pregnant pause here too). This beaut came out of nowhere and I am so glad that it did! This shop that hails from Texas and Colorado has everything you could ever need. While I’m going to show you some of the best home goods you need to snatch up, rest assured they also had clothing and accessories to die for including a moon necklace (a la This Is Us anyone?) that I couldn’t resist purchasing too and have been wearing non-stop y’all.


Some of the items you see here may not be on their online store so be sure to check The Gypsy Wagon in person in the nearest location to you, trust me you won’t be disappointed! There’s honestly too many beautiful home decor goods to go through at this magical store so I wanted to make sure I brought you the best, most versatile items you can snag! I personally love a good coffee table or bar cart accessories so the large golden wishbone I purchased was no surprise to my road trip-mates (see in first pic to the left below). Obviously since fall is still in full swing (anyone who tells you it’s over in November is someone you should NOT be friends with, you hear me? NO CHRISTMAS MUSIC YET PEOPLE), I was enamored with these velvet pumpkins! The Gypsy Wagon had them in multiple colors and sizes and they’re the amazing brain child of this company where you can purchase your very own! I was particular to this gorgeous green personally. If those are a little too far out of your price range though, check out this alternative with all the same flair from Target!



My favorite piece I might have found there (that sadly would not fit in my carry on!) was this clear, mini chest with the most gorgeous and chic gold hardware (see top right). It’s the perfect accessory to any home for it’s usable size and gorgeous exterior that you can fill with all your most beautiful treasures for all of your guests to ohh and ahh at when they come over. They also had an incredible collection of Colorado-esque pillows to keep your favorite road trip memories alive that I highly recommend getting! Never can have  too many pillows am I right?


Finally, when it comes to home decor, you know I can never pass up a good print. These were two of my favorites in their collection by Hello Cherie Designs and Little Truths Studio! The perfect edition to any wanderlust heart’s wall, trust me.

Moving on to the incredibly gorgeous Fort Collins, my friend Alex had found this little number out and about one day and told me we HAD to stop here. She was right, it’s THE BEES KNEES. Knapsack is like if my wildest hopes and dreams created a store in Chicago and implanted it in Colorado. It has everything you could want, from home accessories, to purse, to jewelry, to candles and more.


I particularly fell in love with this stunning cookbook, (you can purchase yours here) that is so pretty on the outside (who doesn’t judge a book by it’s cover?) it’ll add life to any kitchen with the added bonus of delicious recipes!


Not only were their kitchen accessories to die for, but their home goods have every bit of fun that you’d love! I mean, can we talk about this “Ciao Felicia” welcome mat? It’s everything. I particularly loved their “Boy Smells” candle in the scent “Gardener” for that everyday summer vibe even in the middle of winter. Not pictured was one of my favorite gems, this clutch that will add the perfect touch of getaway glam to any home and is multifunctional when you’re on road trips and out of the country excursions!


All in all you absolutely cannot go wrong in either of these stores and most importantly, online shops never do justice when it comes to these boutiques so make sure you stop by if you’re in any of their locations because it will absolutely be worth your time followers! Would I lie to you?

Ps. saw this in Crested Butte and couldn’t help but laugh. Charlie Brown would be so proud right?


Until next time,

XO, Samantha 

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