All I Want For Christmas

Happy Holidays lovelies!

I’m sorry this post wasn’t up sooner, but I got sick at the end of last weekend which postponed this a bit for you all but wait no longer, it’s here:

My Top 10 Christmas Gift List

Before I show you all what I’ve been eyeing, let me give you a little background. Any kind of wish list usually has one thing in common: stuff you wouldn’t buy for yourself or you can’t necessarily afford to buy for yourself (mostly the latter if you’re me, #helpmeimpoor). Anywho, I definitely included some unattainable (for now) items that I think would elevate any house or home, but I wanted to be sure to include some stuff on here that YES you CAN buy for yourself or have that secret santa buy for you (HINT HINT, I’M TALKING TO YOU LINDA FROM THE OFFICE). Just kidding, Linda’s just someone I made up for that joke but you get my point.

I know some of you don’t celebrate Christmas or holidays during this time and for those of you who don’t, this list still is totally for you. Time to treat yo self and get yourself those goodies while they’re on sale for the season and just buy yourself that gift because you deserve it dammit and I believe in you.

Ok now that we’re all caught up, lets get started, shall we?

This first bunch has everything the young, chic, and cozy-crazed girl needs. From the gorgeous and so soft and luxurious faux fur blanket, to these stunning coffee tables sure to be the center of attention in your place, you can’t go wrong. Obviously, every bathroom isn’t complete without a bathmat and why not up your morning zen moment by seeing this baller Beyonce mantra fresh out of bed? As if those aren’t amazeballs enough we need to talk about this stunning sheep skin rug that is guaranteed to up the ante in any home. I know some of you might shy away from it due to it’s color but trust me, it’s the new neutral and you heard it here people. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon, at least not in my home. Finally, let’s take a moment of silence to just take in the gift to this earth that is the LoveSac. Listen, I know the name may throw you off and I can’t blame you, but have you seen all of the videos and hype going around about these? SO WORTH IT. I could watch those slow motion vids all day. Bonus: your inner 5 year old will pat you on the back for making a chic bean bag cool again.


(clockwise: I Woke Up Like This, Mercury Row Table, Sheepskin Rug, House of Hampton Coffee Table, LoveSac, Faux Lamb Throw)

Remember when I told you all I wanted to learn calligraphy to make even more amazing things to show you? Anthropologie answered my prayers and sent this kit down from designer heaven and it’s uber affordable y’all. While we’re at it, Anthropologie really killed it this season with their unique finds like this month match set? Guys, I know you think I’m crazy for loving matches so much but how freaking adorable is this??? Plus when does lighting matches not remind you of birthday candles and childhood wishes? Ok, fine I’ll move on from the matches but like seriously you need this. If matches aren’t your thing then I definitely know you have some type of jewelry and these adorable jewelry dishes from Anthro are just what the doctor ordered. Can’t afford to go traveling with your wanderlust heart? Don’t worry, these dishes will take you there for much, much less.

Finally, you’ve probably seen that I own a record player via my instagram photos so you already know I have a soft spot for them and this one is no exception. Not only do I love the fun color but the minimalistic size and shape make it easy to place practically anywhere in your place. Plus the speakers give it that extra oomph you’re looking for when you’re blasting Bing Crosby’s White Christmas or the new Taylor Swift album (whenever she puts it out… seriously Taylor where have you been girl? Come back into my life PLEASE).

(Clockwise: Matches By The Month, Record Player, Skyline Trinket Dish, Belle Calligraphy

That’s all for today beauts, but check back tomorrow for my holiday decor, can’t wait to show you all!

XO, Samantha  

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