Living the Sweet Life – EE Style

Helllllllooo Gorgeous!

How are you? How’s your life? It’s been too long so I can’t wait to catch up with you and tell you about all the fun things that have been happening with Ever Elliott! Most importantly, the amazing event I was invited to by AllChokedUp!

photo by Clarissa Salman

Let’s start with the basics – AllChokedUp is a company started by the incredible Samantha Lula (#teamSamantha, you know what I mean) that has the holy grail of chokers and now anklets too! No seriously, stop, take a moment, and check out her beauties right here, right now. So flash forward to the event, where AllChokedUp, West Elm, Intelligentsia, and Sugar Hills Bakery have teamed up to bring some of the hottest influencers on the block right now sweets, caffeine, and my favorite, DECOR. Like this insane palm-leaf wall that screams “gotta have it in my life, like right this second I’m not joking“. Not to be outdone, the place settings provided by West Elm kept this stunning palm-leaf trending with these gorgeous menus for the evening, filled with the most delicious coffee and sweets pairing of your d r e a m s. And what were those goodies served on? Oh, only the prettiest gilded plates you’ve ever seen, WHICH ARE ON SALE, yes you heard me ON SALE. Photos do not do these babies justice! For all my hostess and party loving gods and goddesses out there, this is the set you need for all of your future events, seriously. They’re fun, functional, and obviously oh so chic – win, win, win!


The place settings weren’t the only stunners here though, the bakery itself was magical all on it’s own. With the insta-worthy seating under the basking glow of palm leaves and neon lights, to the hidden gem of a nook with geometrical lighting, to finally the pièce de résistance, the gallery wall of your dreams. My favorite prints? This simple beauty for all of us coffee lovers out there, this hilarious yet chic print guaranteed to make you “lol” while your place effortlessly becomes more gorgeous, or my personal favorite, the classic from the lip series by The Aestate (who I already have multiple prints by because she’s AMAZING). Basically Sugar Hills is the coffee and bakery of my dreams and reinforces so much of what Ever Elliott has already told you, most importantly, pattern mixing at it’s finest! While this gallery wall and the luxe seating area has a ton of colors and patterns, the central white and/or black frames and neutral leather chairs keep them all looking cohesive while still adding the gorgeous touch of glamorous-chaos.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

All in all, this event Sam threw with guest bosses like Julia Doud of Simply Jules, Jennifer Worman of both Redsolesandredwine and T+J Designs, and Gerardo Tinajero of GlambyGT, was beyond spectacular! I highly encourage you to check out these beauts pages and feel the glow of their bomb inspiration they put out on a daily basis. Obviously, make sure to stop by Sugar Hills Bakery yourself and get some caffeine and sweets guaranteed to make your day instantly better (seriously the Coconut Passion Dessert is to DIE FOR. Get it, treat it right, introduce it to your parents, marry it. It’s mouth-watering).


That’s all for now gorgeous, don’t forget to check back on Sunday for a special double post week!







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