Oh SALE Yeah

It’s that time of the year again people, NORDSTROM’S ANNIVERSARY SALE! ALERT YO KIDS, ALERT YO WIFE CAUSE IT’S HAPPENING. If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past week and a half, GET YOURSELF TOGETHER. This is the sale of the YEAR people. Obviously we’re well into it but I needed to alert you beauts about my favorite home goodies while you still have a week to get your act together and get to shopping!  So let’s keep it short and sweet before all these gems sell out while I type, yeah?

Honestly, there were SO many items to comb through, so it was tough to narrow down to my top ten but, just for you all, I managed to power through. I know, I know truly a heroic act, I agree. Feel free to keep showering me with compliments. Anywho, let’s start with my favorite kitchen and desk accessories with the best deals. This “Booze” decanter honestly might be my favorite item of the whole sale. Just picture this, perched on your gorgeous bar cart, stealing the show. And at under $50 thanks to this sale, it’s a no-brainer! Pair it with these glasses that’ll be the only tattoo your mom won’t hate (Vino here, Beer here), and voila! Hello effortless-chic on a budget that all of your bougie friends will adore (and they’ll be none the wiser on the price). For those of you who feel like this is too much color and want to opt for a more minimal design to really make this decanter pop, switch out the vino and beer glasses for these minimal, gorgeous old fashion glasses that will absolutely highlight and still function fiercely! Moving on with the metallic theme, these matching (unintentional I swear) copper pieces will serve up sass in any area. I purchased a similar marble lazy susan as a gift for a friend last year and wish this beaut had been around then! It’s perfect for parties or even as a statement piece on your countertop even when it’s not in use, trust me. Then, feast your eyes on this table lamp that will shine bright even when it’s not turned on, thanks to the stunning copper finishes!

Now that you’ve brightened up your kitchen and desk, let’s pour some wine into that glass and head over to the living room and bedroom. Let’s start from the bottom (started from the bottom now we here – ok promise I’m done) and check out this s t u n n i n g rug from Surya Home. This pop of color will brighten and add fun to any room, especially under your favorite coffee table! With its range of sizes, you’ll be sure to find the perfect spot for this eye-popping beaut that will steal the show while you watch your favorite shows. On that note, while you’re Netflix binging in bed or on the couch, you obviously need pillows to rest on and some blankets to curl up in. This sequin pillow is here to bring you the bohemian-chic decor of your dreams. Thanks to the neutral colors, the sequins and varying textiles don’t feel overpowering but still manage to tie in some fun to your place! Plus, thanks to the grey color, it would tie in well to practically any couch design or color, although my preference would be to have this on a navy, cream, or slate grey couch if you ask me! And obviously, you know I couldn’t check out a sale and NOT include an uber soft pillow like this one from Mina Victory. If you’re looking for a pop of color, the Celadon or Rose options will give you the perfect splash without being too overwhelming. After you’ve cozied up on that uber soft pillow, curl up in this Barefoot Dreams throw that can best be described as what I imagine being wrapped up in a cloud would feel like. Seriously, you need this in your life just to experience the pure bliss that is Barefoot Dream’s brand. For those of you looking for a more budget friendly version, try this Nordstrom Brand super soft throw with the most eye-catching color that’ll make any day better. Finally, yes yes I know it’s not technically a throw, let’s talk about these gorgeous Pestemal towels. Perfect for a picnic, beach day, or even draped over your table or couch, these beauts have endless possibilities (and bonus: they come in so many stunning colors). Trust me, you won’t regret it.

So gear up and get shopping babes! Get it while it lasts until August 6th! Remember, if any of these items are sold out at the moment, keep checking because these items do come back in stock as they’re returned, restocked, etc. Trust me, I actually did this after stalking my item for way too many hours than I’d like to disclose. Or, chat with one of Nordstrom’s assistants online to see if any stores in your area or across the country have your item in store, and they can ship it to you! Seriously, Nordstrom is the best. Now go start living your best life with all your dream accessories!


Until next time,

XO, Samantha

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