Best of the Fest

Happy Sunday Funday gorgeous!  Did you sleep well? I know I did because I’ve been wearing my new favorite eye mask that I got from a Chicago festival a couple weeks ago that makes me feel like I’m the chicest girl in my dreams, despite the acne medicine slathered on my face before I drift off to sleep. Here’s to hoping I grow out of it by the time I’m 80, yeah?

Back to the mask though, this adorable, plush and blush gem spoke to me like no other at Randolph Street Market Festival in Chicago. This amazing festival takes place every month and always has a theme, which I can so get on board with! The theme when I went was Vintage and boy was it oh so glam! I digress, just check out the festival ok??? Anywho, this mask came from the incredible White Elephant Designs! I’m going to be honest. I stalked this mask. I tried to stay away, I really did. But then I saw there was only one left and I booked it back to snag it for myself and chatted it up with Emily, one of the shop’s owners! She was amazing, the product is amazing, and  I have no will power, get the picture? But really, this shop was the cutest, chicest thing since sliced bread. Not only did they have simple yet fabulous items, but they had items that you don’t always see at your typical decor/designs shops! Like these adorable drink napkins that describing as “napkin” does not even begin to do justice. These linen, stitched pieces are reusable and are the perfect way to spice up any party for you and your best amigas! Or if you’re thinking about getting a bar car like myself, these would be the PERFECT addition to add a pop of color and function. Plus they’re funny, and you all know how much I love a good laugh.

They also have your new go-to vacay bag (and hat – protect your skin beauts!), just in time for you to finish out all your summer trips with your boos. Listen, I know some of you are going to be like “but these are accessories not decor blah blah blah”. Have you learned nothing from Ever Elliott!? When in doubt, the ultra-stylish and budget conscious babe knows that you can make your favorite accessory your home’s newest decor if it’s placed right! How cute would these bags be placed vertically on your wall next to your door? Function and fashion people, function and fashion. Tie a fun neck scarf around the arm of one of these bags and voila! Totally new pop of color in your space!

From there I stumbled upon Untamed Roots which had the cutest calligraphy-centered pieces I’ve seen in F O R E V E R. They had such a wide variety of sizes, quotes, and pieces from classic prints, to prints on maps (my personal favorite if I do say so myself), to key chains and beautiful wood wall decor, all for such a great price! The owners were the sweetest too and it made me fall in love with their products even more. Remember to ask what pieces these shops have online though.  For certain market festivals like this one they have special pieces that you can’t get online just yet so make sure to snag these stunners while you can in person!

Finally, I came across these two fun and unique shops Via Seven and Wrightwood Furniture, both Chicago based! Let’s start with Via Seven, a great company with an even greater cause. On their website you can find a page called “Our Cause“. Seriously, check it out. If you weren’t thinking of buying quite yet, you will after you read about the wonderful work that inspires and drives them.  This is their mission,

Empower Women, Change the World.
If not us, now, then who and when?

What more could you want from these incredible shop owners? Oh yeah, GORGEOUS designs at an affordable price! They have such an array of patterns and items to choose from. From beach towels, to pillows, to throws, the possibilities are endless and the owner Bahar Suer was nothing short of wonderful and bubbly when I spoke with her about her collection. She’s the best, and I will always be behind a beautiful company full of beautiful women making a beautiful, empowered world! Ps. if I had to suggest it to you, the skull print Peshtemal (flat woven towel made of Turkish cotton they specialize in) or the black star pillow, would be my go tos! It’s so well made and so worth every cent.

That leaves us with my favorite furniture piece of the whole day from Wrightwood Furniture! I had to do a double take when I saw this gorgeous drawer set from them! Each drawer was for a different country and was the perfect way to mesh culture with couture. Personally, I think it would be perfect (size, material, and design wise) for your child’s room! Not only does it teach your little babes about geography (which I’m terrible at, let’s not get into it but maybe if I had had this when I was little I would’ve been better? Probably not but let’s pretend), but it’s a great, easily cleanable material that’s perfect for a wide array of children’s clothes or toys! Obviously it’s so beautiful it would work for us adults too though, don’t you worry! It is truly a “wow” statement piece that would liven up any living room without a doubt. Seriously, you need this in your home STAT.

That’s all for now my vintage, bargain babes!

Until next time,

XO Samantha

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