“Pops”-ular Design

Annnnd we’re back! Happy Sunday babes and dads! Why do I keep mentioning dads you ask? Because they’re my biggest audience? DUH – wait no, that’s not why. Because I’m here to save all of you who are struggling (or a baller child on a budget) with what to do for your Pops this upcoming Father’s day!

My inspiration came a couple of months ago when my aunt found some incredible letters my grandpa sent to my grandma and a telegram he received from when my father was born. For those of you who are wondering what a telegram is, let’s just say it was old school texting but way more hipster and cool, ok? She didn’t have to say much for me to be hooked. How often do you get to say you have a letter from your grandpa finding out that he just became a father? Clearly these items are priceless and make the perfect decor piece/gift for your father.


Decor obviously works when it’s beautiful, but what about the other more essential elements that so many people need, like meaning? I’m here to tell you, you can have both. Yes BOTH. Oprah style – YOU get meaning and chic, and YOU get meaning and chic, EVERYBODY GETS MEANING AND CHIC!

While this is specifically in relation to my father and Father’s day, remember that you can take this and apply it to any life event people! For those of you who just recently had babies or found out they’re pregnant, have you received any adorable congratulation cards or cards once the baby was born? Did any family members from afar send postcards with how excited they are? FRAME IT. Recently got married and got Anthropologie-style, uber chic “just married” cards? FRAME IT. I’m telling you, not only does it preserve the memory (literally), but it’s a low-cost way to add “art” to your home and still tie in the beautiful meaning you felt you were missing.

I personally prefer a “floating frame” which I used for my pieces. The negative space surrounding the items showcases them more than just finding a frame that fits exactly. It also helps when you have pieces like mine that aren’t normal size like 4×6 or 8×10! You can find the exact one I got here, from Target.


So there you have it, simple, chic, effortless. And the added bonus? When you give your adorable dad this gift you, being the decor aficionado you are thanks to reading all of EverElliott’s posts, can help him find the perfect place (or places) to hang your pieces and spend even more quality time together! I know, I’m a genius. You can thank me later. Or now. Honestly I’ll take compliments at all times.

Happy early Father’s Day!

XO, Samantha 

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