Gallery Girl

It’s happened guys.

The 9 months of winter are over and spring has finally sprung in Chicago. It’s sunny and gorgeous and I can’t wait to spend the day out and about! Before I go soak up the sun though I wanted to touch on one of my favorite projects I’m always working on, my gallery wall! My ever-growing gallery wall with pictures of people I love and places I miss (I’ll never forget you, Italy) helps warm my cold, dead heart here in the Chi so I wanted to share it with you all along with some of my other favorite designers and their inspirations!

I had originally saw a pin on Pinterest about a gallery wall that swung around a corner and fell in love but sadly I realized my apartment didn’t have the right structure for that so I decided to take a more classic route. You can design your wall however you like but I prefer a good mixture of photos and paintings or prints to break up the monotony. Some of my favorite prints feature here are from The Aestate, aka one of my all time favorite artists. Her watercolor work is amazing!

I also think frame texture is key when you’re trying to add the illusion of a larger gallery wall. I choose metallic frames so that they all tied together but made sure they had different features to add some spice. As you can see, a couple have this beautiful ridge around them but since it’s within the gold/metal family it still comes together despite not matching completely (don’t forget to step outside your comfort zone, remember loves?).

(Here’s a closer view for more print/frame detail) 

Before I set up my wall I looked to some of my favorite grammers and designers for inspiration, and they did not disappoint! Take a look at some of my favorites below.

(via The Every Girl)

(Heloise McKee via The Every Girl)

(via House of Belonging)

If all else fails, try using one of these helpful charts to set up your gorgeous, amazing new gallery wall!

gallery wall

Now get out there and enjoy this beautiful day!

XO, Samantha

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