Lemonade Out of Lemons

Did you really think Beyonce was going to release an amazeballs new album and I wasn’t going to use it somehow in my new post? Come on now.

This week I wanted to focus on my kitchen, my newest project I’m working on in my apartment. I have a beautiful exposed brick wall and I’m mulling over a few different ways to showcase it, but in the meantime I’ve made a couple small changes, including my latest addition.  Since I live in a small studio apartment, I’ve learned how to make lemonade out of lemons (get it?) and use wall space to add extra dimension and storage.

Sure, I could be basic and get some extra storage bins, etc, to find extra space, but why not showcase some of my favorite kitchen items and add more room on my countertop in a chic new way while I’m at it?


I recently came across this cheap and v. cute shelf with hooks from Target. While it’s nice in the photo it’s so much more gorgeous in person! My picture and the one from Target’s website below do not do it justice. It’s definitely less brown (which I prefer) and has more of an antique lay over it (i.e. more white-grey than straight brown). I was looking for something simple that I could play up and that was sans-chalkboard. Although I love that trend, it just didn’t give my place the feel I was looking for.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 12.28.58 PM

(get yours here)

You can use storage like this for anything, from coffee mugs, to flowers and succulents, or a mix of a few different things like I’ve done. The key is to keep the theme the same. Although I have different items on mine, they all tie into the kitchen with the exception of my planners. I used a few different colors in my kitchen items so that I could have the planners there to tie in all of the colors together, and to add some height dimension. Also, can we just take a second to appreciate the dad humor that are these cute dish towels from Anthropologie? Never forget to make your home fun, people. 

Whether you’re forced to find wall storage options because you have limited space (like myself) or you’re looking for a new take on an old shelf, look no further and remember to be creative! Take a look at a few of my other favorite wall storage options below.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 12.54.37 PM.png

Shape is just as important as color or texture in my humble opinion. Hence why I love this Round Wood Shelf from World Market. Not only is it spacious enough to fit your cutest coffee mug collection or family photos, but it’s unique in its shape unlike most wall hooks/shelves. Plus the wood is so beautiful and understated, don’t you think?


For those of you looking for more shelves for your alcohol, look no further than this gorgeous and multifunctional shelf from Anthropologie. Not only is it stunning, but much like the round shelf from World Market, it’s totally a fresh, new option I haven’t seen from other vendors. Something tells me this one will sell out pretty quick so get yours while you can now!


Finally, can we just take a second and adore this perfection? Anthropologie does it again with this one. Not only is it simple and chic, but it’s large enough for you to fit those few extra items you don’t have counter space for. Plus, let’s just admire the gold gilded ends of the rope for a moment. Gorgeous. Like the Audrey Hepburn of shelves, this one will never go out of style.

Until next time, lovers. Time to go sip on some lemonade while listening to Bey’s new masterpiece for the 10th time.

XO, Samantha

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