[WARNING: those of you here to read about Zayn, or expecting an interview with the heartthrob based on the title of this post, you are going to be severely disappointed.]

As I sit here on my couch, in my plethora of throw pillows, I thought it would be appropriate to delve into the subject today. Especially because Spice World is on right now (thank you TV gods everywhere), and my recently purchased faux fur pillow is SO on trend with the Spice Girls vibe.

Some people will tell you that throw pillows are pointless, and I’m here to tell you those people are THE WORST. I don’t like to generalize but since this is a safe, open space, let’s be honest about it. In the words of the immortal Ron Swanson “people are idiots, Leslie”. Throw pillows, besides adding even more comfort (who’s against that, huh???), can make or break your aesthetic. So here are my go-to tips when it comes to shopping for throw pillows for your place.

  1. Go outside your color scheme comfort zone.

The most common mistake I come across is people who find a color that ties into their room, and run wild (read: buy three pillows of the same color, maybe one pastel version if they’re feeling “crazy”,  and call it a day). It’s so easy to do because it matches right? WRONG. While tying in some of the similar color patterns of your place works on a certain level, if it’s all the same it can come across as stuffy and boring, so make sure to mix it up a bit. Try a fun, but not over the top, pattern in your color scheme, like the one below (also, it’s a part of H&M’s new affordable home collection, which is amazeballs by the way).

leafpillow(Find it here)

  2. If patterns are already too much for you, stay monochromatic or keep it simple with black/white.

I know for some of you out there patterns are already leaps and bounds outside of your comfort zone, so if that can be a struggle, try sticking with black and white to bring some fun that still adds a little something something to your place. Personally, I love this pillow from Society6 that’s comes with pillow insert for next to nothing!



(Find it here)

(bonus: for those Bey lovers out there, look familiar? It’s reminiscent of an outfit from Beyonce and Jay-Z’s On The Run tour from a couple years ago!)

beyonceflag beyoncs-costume-evolution-10_610x464_86

3. Lastly, don’t forget to add texture. Because texture is so fetch.

If patterns, even monochromatic, are still too much for your beating heart, try adding texture. I recently purchased an (on sale!) faux fur pillow from Pier 1 and it’s changed my life. Ok maybe a tad overdramatic but it’s definitely changed my couch’s life (see middle pillow in featured photo above). It’s uber soft and gives my place a luxurious feel for less. Try something similar to the one below from West Elm, which I adore. I love the rose color and the feel is even better!


(Find it here)

That’s all for today loves, until next time.

XO, Samantha

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