EE in the City

Good Morning Beauts! I thought it was about time to showcase another one of my favorite decor inspirations in Chicago, Restoration Hardware! If  you haven’t already seen a picture of their 3 Arts Cafe which is always being showcased in it’s full glory on Instagram, then do yourself a favor and search it now. It’s ok, I’ll wait. Yes, it’s STUNNING, right!? You will be hard pressed to find a more beautiful and modern interior inspiration here and I couldn’t wait any longer to show you it! While I absolutely adore RH, I wanted to still make sure my suggestions were affordable so I figured I’d give you the best of both worlds, RH’s incredible styling inspo, with alternative, budget-friendly options, just cause I love you all so much!

Let’s get started, shall we?

Obviously, the centerpiece of RH is all of the stunning chandeliers and jewels you can find in almost any room! These beauts are from the first floor in the 3 Arts Cafe (a must-see/eat for anyone traveling to Chicago FYI). My favorite part about these two rooms is that the chandeliers are obviously beyond gorgeous and classy, the Emma Watson of chandeliers yes? (Don’t judge me I just saw Beauty and the Beast and it was amazing and needed to be said). But somehow the rooms still seem approachable and attainable, which I love! Too often it can come across as stuffy and cold when theirs too many jewels in the room and I love how they styled so effortlessly.

To achieve this look, make sure to find a statement chandelier that doesn’t take away from the room, but enhances it, like this one from Wayfair. It’s gorgeous but isn’t too overdone or gaudy and will light up any room. Bonus: it’s budget friendly y’all! I also think the rest of room obviously has to be on point, especially the greenery. There’s something about the trees in the 3 Arts Cafe that surround and highlight the chandeliers so perfectly, it’ll have you wanting to plant the next Giving Tree in your living room (minus all of the chopping down, that kid was a jerk). If you can’t find a way to put a tree in your living room (shocker), make sure to amp it up with succulents and vibrant greenery to tie it all in.

I also fell in love with the more rustic, industrial side the RH has to offer as well. Particularly this amazeballs rug (see upper left). Faux-hide rugs can be hit or miss in my opinion and have to be put in the perfect place, but when done right, totally can tie a room together. Try this World Market, wallet-friendly version that is a total dupe that everyone will be gushing about next time they’re in your place! Even better, try mixing it with industrial lighting like the picture to the right. The contrast of the metal cages and the gold from the rug will mix in a stunning way like you never though possible. Or try a slightly more industrial version sans-cage that will tie in just as well, another favorite of RH’s showrooms! Just like a Wendy’s frosty and fries, you know? Find similar versions here or here!

Obviously, the kids rooms did not disappoint either guys. I couldn’t talk about RH and miss this adorable Camp-themed room that took bunking to a whole new level. I fell head over heels for this camp-cabin themed bed! I found one from Wayfair (see here) that’s just as adorable and slightly more budget friendly. I’m not going to lie to you though…this one you just might have to splurge on. But isn’t your child’s happiness and your interior game worth it? I’d say so.


Finally, I couldn’t resist showing you my favorite corner other than the 3 Arts Cafe. This little nook on the Kids showroom was too adorable and quite frankly I want it! I don’t care if it was in the Kids section, I need to be doing my makeup here everyday, ok??? To achieve this glam GROWN UP look (yes grown up!), check out RH’s affordable beanbag chair here and this gorgeous full length mirror from PB so you can feel like Marilyn Monroe all day, every day.

So there you have it, my favorites from RH! I honestly cannot say enough amazing things about it, you simply MUST check it out for yourself in person (or online).

Until next time glamazons,

XO Samantha 

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