March Must-Haves

Happy Sunday Gorgeous! I’ve been working on some fun stuff in my apartment and some side projects that I’ll be sure to be showing you all soon so in the meantime with those tax returns coming in hot, why not show you what I’ve been eyeing in case it ends of being the perfect piece for your place? (insert obligatory disapproval here: “nooo, stop, don’t do it….put the money in savings, blah blah blah”. Feel better?)

These beauts are a mish-mosh of items but they’ll be sure to elevate your home with each piece. First up is my favorite of the bunch because I’m in desperate need of some new prints to liven up my walls a little. I’m so in love with this Vintage Vogue print from Lauren Taylor Creates. It’s so classy and chic and such a breath of fresh air! It’ll transport you abroad from the comfort of your own couch since you already blew all your tax return money on these beauts I insisted you get.


(Snag it – here!)

While we’re on this fresh blush trend, why not take it up a notch with these super cute bubble letters from Nordstroms? I saw these in store a month ago and haven’t stopped thinking about them since. They’re uber chic, reminiscent of the balloon trend that hit a couple of seasons ago (see here and here). Plus they’re relatively small, which makes them perfect to dress up your bookshelf in need of a touch-up!


(Find yours here!)

As I type I’m currently watching my one of my favorite shows, Fixer Upper, because absolutely no one is resistant to Chip and Jo’s charm and that’s what led me to Jo’s Magnolia Market shop – huh? how did I get here? I don’t even remember typing it in but oh well I’m here now let’s spend ALL THE MONEY. There are so many items I recommend you check out from Magnolia Market but my favorite will always be Jo’s classic Wreath that she uses in almost every home they renovate and I don’t blame her one bit. It’s a little more expensive that the wreaths I currently have in rotation, but in my opinion it’s so worth it! You can easily dress it up or down and transition it throughout the seasons.


(Get it here while it’s hot before Chip is so disappointed in you for not getting it sooner!)

The last two beauts I’ve been checking out are multi-versatile. Need coffee? Tea? Water? Tequila? I’ve got you covered. I mean it – you need this teacup/saucer set and this adorable mug! They clearly can hold ANY LIQUID (gasp – how do they do it?) But more importantly, they can just sit and look pretty and make everyone jealous even if you never use it for its intended purpose. They’re unique enough to catch your eye but not overpowering enough that they come off too tacky. Special note: when it comes to this teacup set, make sure to be aware of your surroundings though, as its colors pack a punch so you want to avoid it clashing with it’s surrounding pieces.

(Sip on this…and this!)

Ta-ta for now bbs,



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