Galentine’s Day Glam

Happy early Galentine’s Day followers! If you haven’t converted to the religion that is Leslie Knope please see this link for further Galentine’s Day explanation in all of its glory.  So in the Galentine’s spirit I wanted to bring you some home decor fun and goodies that will make your day with your best babes even better! What decor and goods will make it more amazing? Well let’s start with these beauts below. If we’re going to show our bffs how much we la la love them then we obviously need some hearts so they get the point ya feel? Cue this adorable (and uber cheap!) heart lamp from Target. Which you can light up as you rest your feet on this stunning heart ottoman that’ll add a pop of fun year round! And while you’re resting your feet with your chicks and obvi snuggling up watching replays of Parks n Rec Galentine’s Day or your fave movies, you’re obviously going to need a great throw! That’s where this on sale, uber soft throw from Urban comes in. I repeat, ON SALE. And if you decide to meet up with your ladies at night, add some adorable fun with this pink tassel lamp from Nordstrom. Seriously want one of those in every nook in my apartment. Def a statement piece guys.

You can’t forget to set the vibe though, so obviously I’m going to tell you again to get a record player, enter this classic by Crosley. I know I’ve posted about record players before and clearly you didn’t take the hint so I’m posting about them again. Trust me, the sound is like BUTTAH. Add to the mood with this fringe banner from Urban that you can reuse all year long.

Finally, if all else fails why not give your bestie a ring on this old school pay phone which Crosely brought back in style that you can keep in your place? You can chat all night long while you both check out this gorg coffee table Besties book!


(Clockwise: Heart Lamp, Faux Fur Throw, Heart Ottoman, Tassel LampCrosley TurntableBesties BookPay Phone, Fringe Banner)

Now that we’ve decorated let’s move on to the food and drinks, shall we? First we obviously have to start with heart-shaped pancakes thanks to this set from Target. You can have them over coffee in this beautifully gilded mug from Anthropologie! And after you have breakfast why not move on to drinks and some cheese with this stunning board from Anthropologie as well? And after you take shots in this cool pineapple shot glass or shake up a drink in the pineapple shaker make sure you pour them into these diamond shape glasses (that are spill proof which fools like me love). And voila! Girls night success!

(Clockwise: Pineapple Shot Glass, Gilded Mug, Hello Lovely Cheese Board, Pineapple Shaker, Diamond Glasses, Heart Pancakes)

My must have for Galentine’s Day besides these beauts above? Flowers obviously! If you live in the Chi, you MUST get Flowers for Dreams. Not only do they have beyond gorgeous and affordable bouquets, but they donate a portion of their profits to an incredible cause each time! If you don’t live in Chicago, I highly suggest checking out Farmgirl Flowers. The have unique bouquets like Flowers for Dreams but ship across the nation, need I say more!?

Until next time my poetic and noble land mermaids,

XO, Samantha

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