Ho Ho Home Decor

Happy Sunday! Only a week left until some of you are at home celebrating the winter holidays together and I wanted to be sure to bring you my decorations just in time to give you that extra holiday cheer!

While Fall is still my absolute favorite to decorate for, Holiday decor is definitely so much fun and the perfect way to perk me up when those winter blues start creeping in (sunset at 4pm? COOL.) Let’s get started, shall we?

First of all, it’s not holiday decor without some form of greenery ya feel? For starters, that means transitioning my favorite affordable green wreath from Autumn to Winter. I could have kept it above my floating mantle but decided to add some different holiday spice there that I’ll be showing you in a just a bit. Instead, I decided to move that wreath to above my print at my walkway. And to add a touch of cozy I wrapped it in these uber cheap and fun battery powered LED lights that make it more festive!

After I finished positioning this wreath just right it was time to move on to the most important greenery, the Christmas tree! I chose this beaut from Target but also highly recommend this Walmart version as well, both very affordable and the perfect size for any city apartment (or tabletop in a home!)


To top it off, I added some of these adorable ornaments from Anthro along with my favorite gold/wooden “e” from their collection as well. This picture does not do them enough justice people, they’re seriously gorgeous and timeless! Definitely a staple for my future Christmases to come. I also repurposed this burlap that was wrapped around my birthday flowers I received this year to add the perfect rustic touch. Color is key when it comes to holiday decor and a colorful skirt just did not look right, so keep color palettes in mind and remember you can make a skirt out of so many reusable items! If you’re looking for a skirt you can buy though that still is neutral and fun, take a look at this! Definitely eye’d this for a hot second before remembering I had my burlap still (baller on a budget, remember?)


Having just the tree didn’t look like enough by my window so I amped it up with this fun serving board that I redesigned instead as a holiday set. Since I kept my tree simple and chic I wanted to keep in line with that design with a few simple items. Obviously, we’ve already discussed how much I love matches people. This set from Anthropologie was no exception again and was perfectly  unique -yet- neutral enough to add to my set without taking away from the other holiday decor with it.  They’re currently unavailable but these would fit in just as well, and bonus, they’d look great on any bar cart too for extra fun! The key to this board was definitely in the jingle bell present toppers from Target though. Another reminder that not everything needs to be used in the way it’s meant, play around with items to spice up your decor people! Trust me, it works. Finally, I touched it up with these mini brush trees and this “Fa La La” ornament that I’m in fa la la LOVE with.


Finally, although Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas tree,  my favorite decor has to be my mantle again!


Listen, I know you are probably already over my Cinema Box but I can’t even pretend like I don’t absolutely love it here. Why be traditional when you can be fun and different guys!? AND get a good pun in? I’m sold. I made sure to add the holiday touch with this wreath I purchased a few years ago from Target that sadly is not longer available but they still have some great options like this Wood Leaf version or this adorable red version of my favorite Boxwood! I then repurposed those gold candles I got on sale this Fall and finished it up with these perfectly simple and chic garland pieces from Crate and Barrel. Make sure to keep the garland extra simple when you have colors and varying heights going on. A garland too full would take away from the wreath above and too simple would fall flat up here.

What mantle would be complete without a stocking? Fell in love with this piece from Anthropologie that I’m hoping Santa will fill up as I sleep…that still happens right? If you’re looking for something more chic and fun you have to check this bad boy out. It’s amazing, I know. You’re welcome.

That’s it for now, going to go sip some hot cocoa and wait to hear those reindeer on the roof…

Happy Holidays!

XO, Samantha 

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