Mascara, Marquees, and More

Who needs Sunday Funday when you can be curled up on your couch with your hair in a bun as winter in Chicago starts to set in?!? (#SundayBunday forever y’all).

While I enjoy my Fall decor for one more week before I make the switch to Holiday goodness (I’ll miss you Fall, almost as much as Noah missed Allie –  I’m not over you, I’m STILL not over you Fall!), I thought I’d keep you in the loop with some of my home updates. I’m still changing up a few rooms and to start with in my bathroom I thought these were the perfect additions.


I’ve been seeing this Marquee/Letter Board trend popping up in various ways over Instagram lately and as per usual started my obsessive search for where to find one. That’s when I came across this stunner from Urban Outfitters. To say that I love it is SUCH an understatement. Not only is it the perfect size to work in a variety of areas for a pop of fun, but it also lights up with battery aka no cords necessary if you wanted to hang it for extra goodness. Special Bonus: it comes with blank tiles for you to add your own fun emojis, hearts, etc!



Grab it before it’s gone for the holidays here!

If you’re looking for something a little more funky, try an old school version in the form of a letter board! I was eyeing this one from Etsy for a while and decided on the UO version instead, but I might be seeing if Santa has any extras of these just in case…

Snag yours here!

Now, onto this beaut. Makeup is not necessarily my forte and I’ve been meaning to switch out my old makeup organizer from Target (which I highly recommend and was uber cheap), for one of these from the Container store. I felt like I needed the lucite drawers in order to really see what makeup I have to have a little more fun and get some use out of these ladies, or so I told myself (listen we all know I’m lying to myself but let’s just let my inner idiot have this one). Personally, I love that these organizers come separately so you can really make your organizer unique to your needs. In order to remain a baller on a budget I stuck with what I needed most, more drawers aka room and the perfect home for my lipsticks, but there are SO many options guys. From wider, open drawers, to a circular lipstick/concealer wheel, the possibilities of creating your own are endless and always chic. Seriously, check them out at the Container Store or online here.


If choosing your organizer set pieces separately just sounds like too much work for you, don’t worry I have the solution for you. You can still get all of that lucite gloriousness AND not have to make decisions people. (WHAAAAAATTT!?!?!??!) Yeah, THAT’S RIGHT. Look no further than this piece from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. You’re welcome, you can thank me later people.


Get it while it’s HOT! Right here

Any of you have your own organization set from the Container Store? Show me what you’re working with and give your input on what you’d like to see on my Marquee to be featured! – Tag @everelliottinteriors on instagram!

Until next time my pretties,

XO, Samantha  


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