EE on the Road Again

Good Morning My Beautiful People! It’s a beautiful weekend here in Chicago and I’m pretty sure we’re all still riding on the high that is the Cubs winning the World Series after 108 years so what better time to blog?!

I had wanted to post a couple weekends ago for all of you lovely humans but due to an emergency room visit and a quick trip to Denver, time snuck away, but don’t worry! In order to make up for depriving you, I have a special surprise you’ll be seeing tomorrow so don’t forget to check back…

Let’s get back to the good stuff though, shall we? My quick trip to Denver with my besties was as great as I expected, you did not disappoint Denver! We were in downtown Denver, LoDo (which I highly recommend) and it was filled with so much to do and see and soooo many inspirations for decor. From the endless exposed brick to the chic modern decor that  showcased Denver’s gorgeous backdrop, there was inspiration everywhere.

note the hat: Go Cubs Go!


Since I was there over Halloween weekend, we decided to dive right in to all of the fun and spooktacular events going on, so be prepared for a lot of ghoulish decor. One of the events we decided to sign up for was a haunted ghost tour of some of the most stunning (and haunted) buildings in LoDo. From the Oxford Hotel to the Double Daughter’s, to everything about Union Station, I couldn’t look away. And I also can’t sleep at night thanks to the ghost stories, look them up people. Although Halloween is over, Fall is still in full swing so before you put up your Christmas tree why not hang some of those hollowed out pumpkins up on a few branches or scattered amongst those branches for a similar look below?

As you can see, there were marquees galore in LoDo and I loved every one of them. This trend kept going into Southern Hospitality, the perfect Brunch spot just minutes from where we stayed. Bonus: it’s Justin Timberlake’s restaurant so ummm say no more, I’m in guys. While this restaurant has a more masculine theme, I could totally see myself bringing some of it’s themes into my place. I loved the antler chandeliers and the unique pieces like this Elvis boxing print that brings in uber cool vibes.

So how do I combine these gorgeous, somewhat masculine designs into my place? While I’d love an antler chandelier it just wouldn’t vibe with my space but this fun ring dish totally would and I LOVE how the antler brings height variation to a simple piece.


Find this fun, fab, and affordable piece here!

And as far as all that gorgeous exposed brick and marquees? Why not combine the two? I have an exposed brick wall that I love, love, LOVE and can’t wait to put something like one of these arrows on it the first chance I can. Bonus, this shop has TONS of great marquee options that are affordable but unique, including one for your bar that will elevate any bar or bar cart.


Get it while you can here!

Finally, one of my favorite things about exploring new cities is taking in the stunning architecture like these doors at the Double Daughters. While I’d kill to have these as my front door (who wouldn’t?), it simply won’t be happening anytime soon unless I win the lottery. So what’s a girl to do? Obvi, you take your gorgeous pics and turn them into home decor! From a canvas print or my go to option, framing, you can easily and affordably bring  stunning pieces like this door into your place.


That’s all for now beauts, but remember, stay tuned tomorrow for another surprise JUST for you because I love you so dang much.

XO, Samantha

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