Side Piece 

Happy Sunday beautiful!

More importantly, HAPPY OCTOBER!

Finally, my favorite month of the year is back in action and even this week of gloomy weather can’t get me down.

While I start getting my favorite Fall goodies up, I wanted to show you all one my more recent purchases before it all changed for my favorite season.

Ever since I moved into my place I’ve struggled with what to put on this small section of wall in between my bathroom and kitchen. It’s too small to get much in there but always felt too large to leave completely blank. Enter this cute side table from Target. I searched high and low for the perfect piece since this space wasn’t wide enough for a traditional entryway table. This rustic piece was exactly what I needed! It’s neutral enough for multiple decor themes but still unique enough to stand on its own.

Since it is a smaller table, I had to be careful not to overdecorate. Small tables like this can become way overpowered and cluttered with “tchotchkes” as my mom would say. To keep it neutral from summer to beginning of Autumn I snagged this beautifully packaged candle and tray from H&M.


Although they no longer have that specific tray/candle in store, these chic and affordable options will fill in your space just as well. From these candles (and candle covers) from Ethics Supply & Co., to this fun pineapple piece, to these two gorgeous trays from World Market (here and here), you just can’t go wrong.

Since the table itself has that weathered grey finish I wanted to make sure I added some color, hence the palm leaf pattern I’ve been dying to tie in somewhere in my home. When I change over my decor for Fall I’ll be sure to make sure color is key so that the table doesn’t fade into the blah zone of neutral disaster.

My favorite piece has to be this print though, and SO easy to get blown up! I chose to go through my local Walgreens but many places will blow a print up for a decent price. I had been eyeing this piece via Pinterest for a while and finally found the perfect place for it. This printable trend is my jam right now and I’ve already got a few others you’ll be seeing around my place soon…


Finally, don’t forget fashion and functionality people. I chose this table specially for its opening to add a basket full of soft and chic goodness, aka my favorite throw I’ve ever gotten. Not only is it incredibly soft but it’s the perfect shade of light and dark grey to tie into any theme.

If this look isn’t your cup of tea though, try changing up your entry table with something non-traditional like one of these bar carts. I debated getting a bar cart vs. side table and decided on the table since the cart options I’d found were too wide for my space unfortunately. Keep in mind these carts can be filled with more than just alcohol and stunning glasses though and would make for a fun and interesting entry piece in any home!

(Glamorous Gold, or Crystal Clear Chic)

If you decided to use your bar cart as your entry table or find your inspiration based on this don’t forget to tag @EverElliottInteriors on Instagram to be featured! 

Until next time…

XO, Samantha

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