Til Desk Do Us Part

Happy MDW everyone! Is there anything better than an extra Sunday? I think not. Summer has finally arrived and I already know it’s going to be extra crazy so I wanted to make sure my desk was up to par so I can be truly zen and get down to business when I need to. Ya feel?

I’ve had this desk since I moved in but was never completely happy with the way I had chosen to decorate it (or lack thereof) so I set out to do a total redo. As someone who lives in all black, I like to have an opposite set up in my living space to bring a little fun in. The best part about all of these beauts? Most of them are from Target so it’s über affordable! Take a look for yourself below!


(here’s a close up of the main goodies)img_6112 Now, let’s start with the necessities. Yes, it needs to be chic but it’s got to be functional too! That’s where these 3 stunners came into play. First up to bat is this adorable French bulldog tape dispenser. I mean come on, how was I not supposed to get that when I saw it??? Plus it’s the perfect size to make a statement without being too gaudy. Second up, these scissors. Oh la la, am I right? Besides transporting me to France every time  I use them (yes, they do actually work well), they added that needed umph to my work accessories. Finally, my beloved OK vase set. Listen, I know I said we were talking about functional accessories here but how did you expect me to write about all my fun gold stuff and leave these out? I searched high and low at ALL my targets to find one of these bad boys and boy was it worth it. While they’re actually a vase set, I prefer them on their own sans flowers at the moment.

(find these gilded goodies herehere, and here!)

While every good work space has to be functional, it also has to inspire you in the ways you need it most, whether that’s your creativity or even just giving you that extra push to study. For me, this meant adding these two pops of joy.  This (already framed) print from the new Oh Joy! collection at target perks me up, even on rainy days. And even though I have yet to master my green thumb, this round boxwood gives me hope that someday I’ll be adult enough to keep a real plant alive 😳. (Note: you may recall this green beaut from a previous post but I found an even BETTER space for it here. I’ll be sure to update you all with what I replaced it with on my side desk soon!)

(gimme, gimme!)

Finally, what kind of desk would it be without a stunning calendar or two? My mom gave this gorgeous Kate Spade one to me for Christmas and I’ve been in love ever since. But if, like me, you also need a larger version for perspective, try signing up for these FREE and simply chic calendars! I can’t get enough of them!

(sign up for you downloads here, or purchase your on-the-go choice here!)

Finally, you know how I love change. So I’m sure at some point I’ll be changing some of these items out for something I love more to add extra spice here and there. The two items I’m eyeing potentially (no pun intended)? This evil eye print from one of my all time favorites, The Aestate and this fun and light Hello piece from West Elm.

(for when you change you mind like me, find here and here!)

That’s it for today, go soak up the last few hours of your MDW people!

XO, Samantha 

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