Shelf Confidence

Happy Sunday friends! Hope all of your weekends were great, but it’s not quite over so I thought I’d enjoy it while it lasts just a little longer with some online shopping for my bookshelf!

It’s currently a work in progress but for the moment I’ve decided at least on these two shelves. My apartment has a lot of white between my furniture and my walls so whenever I have a chance I try to add pops of color and these shelves are no exception. 

When it comes to my bookshelf obviously I want to display the books that I love so dearly (still have yet to transition over to ebooks, there’s just something about holding a real book in your hands to transport you, you know what I’m saying?). But, who wants a bookshelf filled with just books? Think bigger people. 

When it comes to decorating your own shelf, think about mixing nostalgia with effortless style. Your home should be a place for all your best memories, like the elephant shown here from a mission trip I did in Ghana, but be sure it mix it up with some chic pieces so that it doesn’t become too kitschy. 

Don’t forget to add some fun, (we’re all young at heart, am I right)? For me, that meant adding this beautiful gold foil Beyoncé print. I found mine through this etsy shop, which unfortunately she no longer has but her shop is full of so many goodies! In case you still need to fill your Beyonce-print void though, check out some alternative, yet chic, options below (snag yours here, here, and here).


I kept the Bey vibe going on this shelf (“i love you like xo“) with this stunner below from West Elm. I also snagged their “Hello” one for another part of my apartment but the best part? For every one of these purchased, 50% of proceeds go to St. Jude’s! YASSSS girl! 


(Find it here!)

Most importantly,  every good book shelf needs great books. Obviously I had to showcase some of the incredible, intelligent, hilarious, and beautiful inspirations like Mindy Kaling and Tina Fey (don’t worry Amy Poehler, you’re going up there soon too). But every good fashionista needs a book of style. Check out this one with a little Audrey and countless fashion inspirations that can be found in “100 Years of Fashion“. Bonus: the book is just as fashionable and adds some fun and texture to any shelf. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 1.26.01 PM.png

(check it out here)

I’m still deciding on what other books to add to my collection but I can’t help eyeing these beauts. First of all, who doesn’t love a book that you can set your mug on without creating a stain because it already has a chic one? (read: I’m a human disaster and constantly spill everything). And if you’ve been living under a rock, let me introduce you to Brandon Stanton’s amazing Humans of New York that tugs at all my heartstrings on a daily basis. And Vogue, oh Vogue you stunner you. Not only is it full of gorgeous covers from years past, but can we take a second to appreciate the stunning black and white cover? Perfect to pump up any shelf or coffee table.

That’s all for today blog lovers! If any of these tip sparks your creativity, don’t forget to tag me in your creation! I love to see what all of you beauts are designing! 

XO, Samantha  

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