Lighten Up

Mid-week slump got you down? Let me help with that with my new favorite trend I’ve been seeing all over: NEON WALL LIGHTS.

Stay with me here, I know when I say this you’re already thinking about those tacky “Bud Light” neon signs in every dive bar you’ve ever been to, right? Well my perspective on those started to change a few months ago when Kourtney Kardashian showed off her new digs, including her bedroom with this gorgeous “love me” light.

At first, I wasn’t so into it. Kind of like when you start listening to Justin Bieber and you’re like wait, do I like him now? wait, do I love him now?? What’s happening??? Basically that’s what happened here. I became obsessed. It didn’t hurt that I’ve been seeing similar items pop up all over Chicago in the newest, hottest areas. From Hampton Social to SPiN , to Homeslice, this perfect wall flare has been popping up everywhere. These are just a few of the ones I’ve been to recently but you have to check out the neon lights and food at Happy Camper and Public House too, trust me.

(Hampton Social)

(SPiN left, Homeslice right)

So how does this apply to your apartment, not just restaurants and cool bars? Glad you asked because there are SO many options, including options for those balling on a budget and those willing to spend a little more. Check out a few of my favorites below, and don’t forget to tag Ever Elliott on instagram if you find some more great options when you’re out (or on your own wall!)

By far my favorite (and most affordable one I’ve seen), is this beaut, which is part of the Oh Joy! Collection at Target – side note, if you haven’t seen this collection you have to check it out now. It’s simple enough for you to place anywhere but enough of an edge to add a nice pop to your place, ya feel?

I also love this chic but simple “Hey” version, also from the Oh Joy! collection (did I mention  I love it enough yet? K thanks). Bonus: Also super affordable.

For those of you looking for something a little more casual, check out these two options from Pottery Barn and West Elm below that might just convince your friends that you totalllllly have listened to that band before (as you google it, panicked, right in front of them).


That’s all for today but stay tuned for an EXTRA post this weekend!


XO, Samantha

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